The right outfit for the right individual

Bike, Cross-Country Skiing and Running are Craft’s main categories. In order to optimize your performance, we develop and design three collections – Elite, Performance and Active – within each category. Each collection has its specific function and design and targets a unique group of athletes. Who are you?

When we design a new collection we always start from the athletes and their needs. If the collection will target casual cyclists, for instance, we must figure out a way to meet and preferably exceed their demands on ergonomic clothing. By answering questions like, how do they cycle, how do they sit on their bikes, at what intensity do they train and how do they sweat, we map the ergonomics of this specific group. By adding this knowledge to our expertise in technical fabrics and technical design we are able to create optimal bike wear for this kind of cyclists. We apply this way of working to all our sports categories and their Elite, Performance and Active sublevels.




Our finest collection is designed for top performance and embodies attention to details, superb fit, low weight, unparalleled aerodynamics and maximum moisture transportation.


This collection is for those who aim for the podium at the Olympics, or for those who demand nothing but the best.



Excellent, well-designed collection made of soft and flexible polyester fabrics for ease of movement and advanced moisture transportation.


Performance training embraces dedicated athletes who live the sport and train several times per week.



Comfortable training wear of good quality and with efficient moisture transportation. A collection that offers great value for money.


These garments make the perfect outfit for active cruisers who ski, run, bike or sweat just for the joy of it.

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